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Class summary: An interview on what was covered

At the beginning of class, images were displayed on the screens and students would sit in front of the image they like the most and justify their reason. This was followed by an activity called “the privilege walk”, which is an exercise used to highlight how individuals experience privilege or disadvantage based on their social identities. Participants would take a step forward or backward based on questions related to their experiences, such as socio-economic status, race, skin tone, gender, and types of schools. I believe that this exercise could help in understanding the negative effects of privilege and discrimination. The class ended by talking about the AI model, and students were asking questions such as “How does AI work” or “Is AI detected”. These two questions were answered by playing 2 games, which are “which face is real and which is done by the AI” and “which text is real and which text is done by the AI”. I tried playing both games and I couldn’t differentiate between what is performed by the AI and what is performed by humans. Accordingly, I believe that it is very hard to detect AI. To conclude, I believe that the activities that were done in that class were very interesting; especially, the activity of the “privilege walk” since I never heard of it before.


One response to “Class summary: An interview on what was covered”

  1. thanks for your reflection, Yusuf – I think you misunderstood the privilige walk slightly. It was done not with students’ own REAL experiences, but with fake composite intersectional identities we created in class.


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